Joseph N. Mariano

Joseph N. Mariano

Joseph Mariano joined the Direct Selling Association in 1985 and assumed the role of President in 2011. Previously, he was Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. As DSA Chief Executive Officer who has ultimate responsibility for all association programs and activities, Mariano is charged with providing progressive leadership, development and implementation of Association policies in the fields of government, consumer and international affairs. Mariano represents the Association’s interests in all fifty state capitals and on Capitol Hill. He serves as a personal resource to direct selling companies who need overall guidance on general legal and business trends that affect direct sellers both in the United States and worldwide. Mariano also serves as President of the Direct Selling Education Foundation.

Direct Selling Is No Pyramid Scheme

We live in an age when consumers can purchase almost any product they want from online retailers and can hail a ride with a touch of their smartphone. Fewer and fewer people are going to their local mall for goods and services they can order online...

It’s Not All about the Money

As with other retail entities, direct selling companies grow when more products are sold to more customers, and we sell more products when we have more salespeople selling them. No misunderstanding there. But how do we attract people to sell for us...